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Emergency Room Disinfection

Outbreak room disinfection

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With the emergence of the novel COVID-19, the necessity for disinfection has peaked. This is where MUVi comes in – the Mobile UV Innovation technology…
Finalist of Global Hackthon

Australian MedTech StartUp Made it to the Finals in the World’s Largest COVID-19 Hackathon

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‘3 Billion People in Lockdown. Let’s Hack The Future and Never Go Through This Again’ - the slogan of a world renowned online hackathon called…
CT Scan Room

How can germicidal light technology aid rapid room disinfection and mobile medical equipment decontamination?

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The germicidal and viricidal properties of UVC light has been demonstrated before, which makes it reasonable that our MUVi technology makes extensive use of it. We can rapidly disinfect…

How does UVC prevents Hospital Acquired Infections and human error in hospital disinfection?

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Human error must be the number one cause of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), which lead hospitals to incur penalties in the millions of dollars per…
MUVi Patient Room

Post-Deployment in Wuhan Hospitals, MUVi is now seeking to scale-up UV light productions for Australian Healthcare Facilities

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Murray McDonald, the director of Australian MedTech startup MUVi (Mobile UV innovation) is seeking $200K to produce an additional batch of UV lights to supply…