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MUVi by Duplex is created by Duplex Healthcare. The parent company has over 25 years’ industry experience supplying infection control equipment to aged care, medical centres, dental clinics, and veterinary within Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

The Director, Murray McDonald has worked closely with over 600 Australian hospitals and over the years observed the significant problem that human error has in contributing to hospital acquired infection rates.

Our Story

MUVi was born out of a relentless pursuit of incorporating international research, electrical engineering and practical industry experience. It utilises the lethal ramifications of UV-C, the only type of UV on the spectrum that can kill microorganisms including hospital-related bacteria and viruses. The main purpose of its presence was to utterly disinfect and act as a safeguard against human cleaning errors.

After several years of clinical trials and technological instigation, MUVi has now been on a remarkable journey being a spin-out company of Duplex Healthcare. Amidst the pandemic, MUVi germicidal technology has been used in several hospitals in Wuhan, China. Medical workers were using the lethal dose of UV-C to disinfect rooms and frequently-touched surfaces, including medical staff tea rooms, patient rooms, toilets, staff sleeping stations and even for the disinfection of medical equipment or medical staff protective clothing before removal.

Currently, MUVi is initiating a new tracking sensor designed for digital disinfection monitoring and alert system to ensure equipment and rooms are regularly disinfected.

Our Projects

UV Light

MUVi by Duplex Healthcare was part of the Melbourne Health Accelerator program, where they were working on clinical trials and technological development within Royal Melbourne Hospital for over 3 months, collaborating with a number of departments and clinicians.

UV Booth

Throughout the accelerator program, several discussions with various departments have concluded a critical call for medical equipment disinfection. MUVi’s portable booth was then developed to accommodate this need, focusing on mobile medical equipment such as wheelchair, mobile workstation, or even smaller medical items like stethoscopes.

2020 Milestones

The Global Hack hackathon award winner in the Health and Crisis section. 

MUVi participated in the Global Hack online hackathon event with global team members from Melbourne, Chicago, Estonia, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The event took place online, from the 9th to 12th of April 2020 with 18,000 participants, presenting more than 500 projects and ideas designed to help the world tackle the spread of COVID-19. For the competition MUVi team stood in 3rd place with more than 100 competitors for the Crisis response section. During the 3 day event MUVi team designed and built a working prototype with everyone contributing their ideas and strategies.

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EUVsVirus Hackathon Challenge Participation

MUViEstonia team participated in another pan-European hackathon challenge to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges. Over 20,900 people from across the EU and beyond took part, with 2,150 solutions submitted in areas including health and life (898), business continuity (381), remote working and education (270), social and political cohesion (452), digital finance (75) and other challenges (83). Although, MUViEstonia team didn’t make into the finals, the Australian startup MUVi received International Recognition as well as recognition across the European Commission, the European Parliament and all partner networks and the solution was highly appreciated. MUVi team was successfully able to make key connections and contacts with European mentors, key researchers and governance people in the European network during the 3 day event ( 24, 25 and 26 April, 2020).

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Bendigo Health Accelerator (BHx)  program

MUVi team got a place in the 2020 BHx program. The Bendigo Health Accelerator (BHx) will be the first regional health accelerator in Victoria and will commence in May 2020. The BHx program will provide early-stage health startup companies the opportunity to access a world class digital hospital to validate, test and potentially accelerate their startup into the health sector.

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Say hello to your team

Amanda Baltzer

Amanda Baltzer

Marketing Manager

Amanda has experience in the health technology and medical technology space. Amanda has a strong background in molecular biology and biotechnology as well as a Master of Biotechnology and Business from the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School

Kaustubh Mundada

Business Analyst

Kaustubh Mundada is working as a Business Analyst with 3+ years of active experience. He specialises in designing Use Cases, Business Model, Business Analysis, User Requirements, Project Management and Business Development.

Murray McDonald

Company Director

Murray has strong experience in healthcare cleaning solutions. He is also director of Duplex Healthcare, a family SME, with 25 years of experience in healthcare cleaning equipment. Murray has had several startup businesses and has pioneered 2 other cleaning innovations into the healthcare market. As part of a previous startup, he won the Melbourne Business School’s Entrepreneurial Challenge and was also featured on the ABC program “The New Inventors”

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