Rapid UV Disinfection and Decontamination

Kills viruses and superbugs on surfaces and air


Dental Clinic


Medical Centre


Veterinary Centre


Operating Theatre


Patient Room


Booth Disinfection




MUVi provides a rapid lethal dose of UVC to high touch surfaces and air,

killing viruses and bacterias

MUVi provides a total workplace disinfection in all industries

MUVi is your rapid disinfection technology that helps you

protect your business during COVID-19.

A Mobile UV disinfection light cluster or a UV disinfection booth that rapidly disinfect workplace, medical/dental surfaces and equipment ensuring compliance, staff and patient safety


Public/Private Hospital

Dental Clinic

Medical Centre

Office/ Workplace

Office/ Workplace

Gymnasium / Fitness

Veterinary/ Animal Care


How MUVi works

The 253.7-nanometer light cluster targets micro-organisms, destroy nucleic acids and disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria with a short wavelength, prevents viral particles from making copies of themselves in the process.

UVC light removes DNA of bacteria and virus

Why MUVi?

Protect your patients, customers and staff

Rapid 5-10 minute

Cost effective

Chemical Free

Proven to destroy viruses and bacteria


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