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Baby hospitalised in hospital

What do hospital-acquired infections cost your hospital?

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Since the days of Florence Nightingale, hospital environmental disinfection has barely evolved. Nurses and cleaners still use hand cloths, wipes, mops, and harsh chemicals to…
surgery with less risk of infectious complications

Surgery with less risk of infectious complications?

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Cosmetic surgery, although generally less invasive than medically necessary surgeries, has a high risk of infectious complications. Even with stringent hand hygiene, medical equipment sterilisation…
aged care vulnerable to health acquired infection

Aged-care: protecting those who protected us

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Improved healthcare has increased the life expectancy for us all. As our population ages, we become more vulnerable to infections. Nursing homes, aged-care facilities and…
Child care disease transmission prevention

Childcare: transmitting preventable disease to our most vulnerable

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With a busy lifestyle that we lead, childcare is becoming a more popular place to take children while parents are at work. It’s inevitable that…
Patient in Hospital with Saline Intravenous IV

Protect your patients and employees from the flu this year

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Every year almost 14,000 elderly are hospitalised from influenza and approximately 3000 die every year. This does not take into account for the second group…