MUVi powered by Duplex

MUVi by Duplex is created by Duplex Healthcare. Duplex Healthcare has over 25 years’ experience in the supply of infection control cleaning equipment.

Director of Duplex Healthcare, Murray McDonald has worked closely with over 600 Australian hospitals and over the years noticed the significant problem that human error has in contributing to hospital acquired infection rates.

MUVi was born
So, through a mix of international research and electrical engineering, MUVi was born. It uses UV-C technology, which is the only type of UV on the spectrum that can kill hospital-related bacteria and viruses.

MUVi has now spun out of Duplex Healthcare and acts as a secondary/safeguard clean to eliminate human error.

Hospital Collaboration
MUVi by Duplex Healthcare was part of the Melbourne Health Accelerator program, where they were embedded within Royal Melbourne Hospital for over 3 months, and collaborated with a number of departments and clinicians on the development of MUVi.

Though the program, discussions were had with various departments, and it was found that a key focus for hospitals is equipment disinfection. MUVi’s portable booth was then developed to accommodate for the focus on high-touch equipment disinfection.

Say hello to your team

Amanda Baltzer

Amanda Baltzer

Marketing Manager

Amanda has experience in the health technology and medical technology space. Amanda has a strong background in molecular biology and biotechnology as well as a Master of Biotechnology and Business from the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School

Michael Dean

Operations Manager

Michael has strong expertise in operations and supply chain, with 15 years’ experience managing manufacturing, operations, projects and supply chains. He has successfully overseen delivery of improved safety and regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, cost control, business objectives, and change management in multiple industries.

Murray McDonald

Company Director

Murray has strong experience in healthcare cleaning solutions. He is also director of Duplex Healthcare, a family SME, with 25 years of experience in healthcare cleaning equipment. Murray has had several startup businesses and has pioneered 2 other cleaning innovations into the healthcare market. As part of a previous startup, he won the Melbourne Business School’s Entrepreneurial Challenge and was also featured on the ABC program “The New Inventors”

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