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There are 200,000 HAIs in Australia every year

This makes HAIs the most common complication affecting patients in Australian hospitals. It kills more people every year than breast cancer and road accidents combined. It costs the Australian healthcare system over $14 million dollars per year.

A key contributing factor to HAIs is human cleaning error

MUVi eliminates the problem of human error.

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Meet MUVi

MUVi stands for “mobile UV innovation” and it uses the power of UVC light to disinfect surfaces and equipment that the human clean may have overlooked, missed or simply cannot get.

The MUVi Difference

MUVi is the most cost-effective hospital grade UV light system on the market.

Equipment disinfection.

MUVi is configured to create “disinfection booths”, which allow high risk items such as IV poles, wheelchairs and beds to be disinfected

Equipment disinfection

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